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Holistic Equitation

Holistic Equitation offers an alternative way of riding which works for EVERY horse! Riding and schooling really can be easy, rewarding and fun for both you and your horse. Especially, if you understand what your horse really needs and how to help him or her find it. On the other hand, it can very quickly turn into a physical battle if you don’t.


In the modern day, the kind and respectful ways of schooling horses, that were once more widely known seem to have been almost completely forgotten. Nowadays, you are much more likely to find instructors demanding you drive your horse forward into shorter and shorter reins. Or even resorting to ever more elaborate gadgets in a desperate search for quick fixes and instant results.


Not surprisingly, many horses just protest and refuse these methods. This often leads to wide range of symptoms such as not going forward, spooking, bucking, rearing, bolting or worse!


Holistic Equitation’s approach to riding and schooling is based on empathy, compassion and a deep understanding of classical training. These horse-friendly methods have been tried and tested over literally hundreds of years. So, if your experience of owning or riding horses isn’t yet living up to your dreams, please don’t give up hope!


There are regular clinics and workshops on horse-friendly riding, training and living. The centre hosts events with selected internationally renowned trainers, teachers and clinicians, such as the French classical riding master, Philippe Karl.


Holistic Equitation’s founders, Derek and Jo Clark also offer riding lessons either at the centre or at your yard. Derek is a former Olympic coach, an expert in applied sports psychology and a Licences Teacher of Philippe Karl’s School of Légèreté. Jo is a student on Philippe Karl’s second UK training course which began in 2014 and is currently training to achieve her licence.


Both are equally comfortable working with all levels of rider on all types of horse. Derek and Jo are particularly effective with nervous riders or ‘problem’ horses and teach private lessons. They also hold a number of clinics both at the Centre and throughout the UK.

Grange Farm Stables, Preston Capes, Daventry, Northamptonshire, NN11 3TQ
01327 361700

Daventry NN11 3TQ, UK

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