dog breeds that get along well with horses

8 Dog breeds that get along well with horses

Dogs and horses make a perfect combo. But not all breeds of dog like horses. Here are 8 dog breeds that get along well with horses!

Can a horse have twins

Can a horse have twins or triplets?

If your horse looks pregnant, you might wonder can a horse have twins? Your mare can have twins, but it’s rare, and the risks are high.

can horses see colours

Can horses see colours or are they colour-blind?

Have you ever wondered can horses see colours? Well, they do but differently to humans. In this blog, we explore how colours look to horses.

Can horses eat chocolate

Can horses eat chocolate?

Chocolate is a delicious and popular treat for humans, but it’s harmful to horses. So, if you wonder: Can horse eat chocolate? We find out!

can horses vomit

Can horses vomit or do they have a weird oesophagus?

If you’re around horses long enough, you’ll see them do some crazy stuff. But can horses vomit? We find out if they can be sick or not.

Can a horse swim

Can a horse swim in a lake or the sea?

Do you wonder can a horse swim in water? Yes, they can and horses enjoy it. Swimming is a great exercise for horses and helps them stay cool.

how fast can horses run

How fast can horses run?

Horses have been used for centuries for transportation, warfare, and racing. But just how fast can horses run? We find out!

Monte Carlo Jumping International

10 Interesting Monte Carlo Jumping International facts

Monaco, 2nd smallest county is home to the Longines Monte Carlo Jumping International. The three-day event showcases world class riders.

15 Amazing Olympia Horse Show Facts

15 Amazing Olympia horse show facts

Olympia, The London International Horse Show attracts people and riders from all over the world. Here are some amazing facts about this equine event!

4 Ways horses improve our lives

One thing is for certain in life and that is horses are great teachers. Regardless of age, ability or circumstance, horses improve our lives in many ways.

Amazing Horse Facts

20 Amazing horse facts that every rider should know

Horses are incredible animals and so we’ve rounded up 20 Amazing Horse Facts. While some are funny, all will help with you equine knowledge!

What is Horse Tack

What is horse tack?

Horse tack is any equipment used to ride a horse, such as saddle, girths, cinches, and bridles. Discover more about the types of tack used in order to ride.