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Buckleap Stables

Buckleap Stables offers Full and Part livery services with all year turnout. All livery clients have use of the centre’s floodlit Manege, Showjump Paddock, and Mini X-Country Course. The centre sits on 64 acres of land, perfect for hacking!

Mansfield Road, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 8PH
01159 671200

Arnold, Nottingham NG5, UK

2 Reviews

  • Lisa Bickerstaffe says:

    There are some honest, loving liveries here and Buckleap could be an incredible place BUT it lacks consistency of care including field rotation, the quality of hay and even staff. There are some knowledgable, caring, friendly staff but there are also rude, incompetent, unapproachable and unprofessional ones too. It’s such a shame as It could be a great place if improved on. However, there is also an air of pretentiousness about the place. Cliques, backstabbing, gossiping and general stress, drama and frustration exist that is often ignored or even created by members of staff. You may thrive on such environments. Therefore, Buckleap would be ideal for you. However, if you are seeking a friendly, professional yard with consistent high standards for both yourself and your horse then I suggest you look elsewhere. Better places do exist, we found one. Good luck.

  • Grace says:

    If you care more about your horses well being and welfare more then riding you would not come here,yes it has the wow factor with the xc and the show jumps and other facilities but if you look closer you’ll see this place is not worth the bother, for starters the hay is not up to standards at all either dry as a bone or clouds of dust a lot of the time even mold and poo will be found not only that the fields are disgusting they have 30 odd horses all in the same field causing the grass to go down in seconds and a field covered in poo meaning the horses can’t chew most of the time like they should leading to horses acting up and sometimes even hurting themselves but for the managers horses it is the complete opposite. They have no more then 3 in there field and will always be provided hay.The stables aren’t as good as they seem top barn birds poo all over and water leaks through the roof and bottom barn which is always the preferred as it is the newest floods very easily,lastly the manager… the manger selina cash is highly unprofessional she is known to have favourites and get preferential treatment to them “favourites” ,never been an approachable manager and has a like it or lump it attitude towards her customers and their horses she only really cares for the money but pretends to care for horses which is simply not the case except if it’s her own,I feel that if it wasn’t for the fact her parents owned the yard she wouldn’t be a manger

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