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New Park Farm Equitation

New Park Farm Equitation is focused on providing a high-quality livery and training service for horse and customer satisfaction.


With a variety of livery and training services to choose from, you’ll be happy working with the team at New Park Farm Equitation.


The centre includes a McArdles Envirotrack 20 x 60 m waxed outdoor arena and newly resurfaced indoor school with training mirrors.

Abbey Road, Medstead, nr Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5PB
01420 563732

Medstead, Alton GU34, UK

5 Reviews

  • Yvonne Nailor Business Owner says:

    I DO NOT know the name of the person who has left this negative review. Nobody called Ruth Longview has ever kept a horse at livery with us.

    We have EXCELLENT references, including from leading equine veterinary and physiotherapy practices.

    I find it VERY sad that we now live in a world of “keyboard warriers”

  • Ruth Longview says:

    A very poor livery service offered , who did detrimental damage to my horses. Liphook use this yard for rehabilitation livery, for the wellbeing of your horse please do not use. Find alternative or ask for another referral.

  • Sue Muttitt says:

    Have kept my 3 ponies at New Park Farm Equitation since March 2011 and have found the care and professionalism from Yvonne and her team to be outstanding. Every pony is genuinely treated according to its individual needs. Feeding regime,turnout etc tailored to meet their different requirements with full consulatation with Yvonne and owners.
    One of our ponies has sweet itch and this is managed excellently, another is retired and needs weight control, again managed excellently.
    The yard has first class facilities, great off road hacking from the gate and top class training from Yvonne.
    Having kept our horses at home for many years and also having used other livery yards, can honestly say this is the best yard have ever been at.

  • Yvonne Business owner says:


    I do not know the name of the person who has left this review, and nobody of this name has ever kept a horse at livery with us.

    We have excellent references, including from leading equine veterinary practices.

    I find it very sad that we now live in a world of “keyboard warriers”

  • TJ Laney says:

    A brief review of my experience – the most unprofessional livery yard i have ever visited/been a livery. They do not listen to owners/vets requests, they believe they know better, this includes feeding plan (horses not fed the food, quantities or supplements they require – you are not allowed to feed your own horse hard feed or hay/haylage – horses are only given one haynet a night and often left during day time with no forage to eat, or leave the dirty forage on floor – which the horses have left and expect them to eat it – even a horse with ulcers -only developed when he arrived to the yard), turnout, medical treatment. They restrict when you can visit the yard, close early on a Thursday, Saturday & Sunday at 4pm and there is no flexibility (dont tell you this on visiting). Expect advance notice if you are taking your horse from the yard for competitions, clinics, etc. & will refuse to let you take your horse if not suitable (dont tell you this on visiting).

    Horses are left in all day without any turnout and owners are not advised of this. Extremely limited grazing available for the number of horses, hence horses are left in for over 24 hours, with no walking, etc and the owners are never informed – never saw the walker working in 5 months.

    Horse are brought in and out of the stables with no care or consideration, i have never seen horses brought in or out so quickly. No checking over – my horse developed serious external injuries, that went unnoticed and on one occasion he was so distressed and in pain, developed colic.

    They up sell they services when you visit and this is all a lie.

    Please do not use this yard for livery services or rehabilitation – i arrived with two horses and left with one, due to their neglect.

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